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My husband and I would love to see you bring KEEPING UP APPEARANCES back.  Any chance of that?
Edna K., Eaton
Polish the silverware and display some uptown literature on your bookshelf because you certainly want to make a good impression!  Hyacinth is slated to return weeknights at 7:30pm on ThinkTV16 starting June 9.
-Jim Wiener, Program Director
Please rerun AMERICAN EXPERIENCE episodes with American Presidents.  P.S.  we like DOWNTON ABBEY too, but it is too fast paced and got too much publicity recently.
Jane & Peter S., Richmond
Now THERE is a problem we wish we had for more shows! Don’t you hate that when one your favorite shows gets discovered? We like to think of them as our little secret. But then DOWNTON had to go and become a mega hit, making the late night talk show monologues or “Personality Parade.” Actors would even show up in big budget movies (Hugh Bonneville in MONUMENTS MEN, Michelle Dockery in NON-STOP).  It’s like everyone discovered your favorite fishing spot, and now you have to move on to another PBS show that’s still undiscovered and…. slower paced.
We may see the Presidential profiles this summer on ThinkTV14.
-Jim Wiener, Program Director
What happened to the Ohio Channel schedule?  I try to watch some of these.  During daytime, only kids TV is broadcast (well, almost all).  Can you have some adult programming?  CHARLIE ROSE is okay, but there needs to be more other stuff.
Harold H., West Chester
The Ohio Channel’s daily schedule can be found on their web page ( 
Weekdays, ThinkTV has more digital channels devoted to adults than kids…
            16 HD (16.1) - KIDS                                                  14 HD (14.1 )- MOSTLY KIDS         
            16 Again (16.2) - ADULTS (prime time repeats)       14 Prime (14.2) - ADULTS (prime
 time repeats)
            16 Life (16.3) - ADULTS (how-to’s)                           14 Learn (14.3) - KIDS
            16 Ohio (16.4) - ADULTS (statehouse news)            14 World (14.4) - ADULTS
(world news)
-Jim Wiener, Program Director
I'm curious as to why the show "Spies of Mississippi" would be aired when everyone is 3 or 4 AM. Please advise.
JCR, Dayton
I can see where "Spies of Mississippi” might raise some political paranoia.  It’s the bizarre but true story about a secret spy agency formed by the Mississippi state government in the 1950’s to derail the Civil Rights movement. But this chapter of INDEPENDENT LENS was not buried. It did air in the series’ customary time slot: Thursday 10pm on ThinkTV16 (16.1). We also carry a late night feed from PBS where they repeat prime time shows, everything from FRONTLINE to MASTERPIECE to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, hence the additional airings at 3 & 4am.
These are viewing opportunities for those working third shift, and recording opportunities for those with VCRs.  Surprisingly, one out of every five households has a television in use, even in the wee small hours of the morning.
-Jim Wiener, Program Director

I am in prison at Lebanon Correctional, and have a few questions.
1)  How much would it cost for the transcript from THREE FAITHS, ONE GOD:  JUDAISM, ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY?
2)  Can I get a channel lineup for all your channels?
3)  When do you air court cases on the Ohio Channel?
4)  How could I get information about shows you air like THIS OLD HOUSE?  HOMETIME, etc.
David C., Lebanon
I don’t know if you have access to a computer and the web, but I’m afraid we’re now at the point where all this information is no longer available in print.  You can buy a DVD of THREE FAITHS, but virtually no one produces transcripts anymore. Our web page ( can allow schedules to be printed by the week or month for one or several channels.  State Supreme Court cases are usually seen Thursday and Friday Noon-3pm on the 16 Ohio channel, but for up to date listings, visit the Ohio channel’s website (  And series like THIS OLD HOUSE and HOMETIME all have their own web pages, and can be easily found via a search engine like Google.  Good luck.
-Jim Wiener, Program Director


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