Our Ohio - Season Seven

Our Ohio

Episode #701

ThinkTV14 – Sunday, April 15, 1pm
ThinkTV16 - Saturday, April 14, 5pm                                                                  

The Top Secret Science of Pigs

Who knew that mud-loving hogs were so high tech? In carefully secured laboratories, scientists use computer programs, genetic histories and the latest research to provide Ohio hog farmers like Chuck Wildman, with very precise breeding tools.

The Many Lives of a Single Crop

Today, corn from a single field can be used for so many different things – ethanol, cattle feed, corn syrup, cornstarch.  This segment follows corn from the field to processing to how we see it in our everyday lives -- and the many different ways we see it.


Episode #702

ThinkTV14 – Sunday, April 22, 1pm
ThinkTV16 - Saturday, April 21, 5pm      

That’s No Bull

Travel through Ohio cattle country as we visit Dickenson Cattle Company,  Creek Bend Bucking Bulls and a Buffalo Farm.

Dickinson Cattle Company 

Longhorn cattle are icons of the American West. But the modern day cowboys at Dickinson Cattle Company, have a new home on the range. And it’s in Belmont County, Ohio.

Buffalo Ranch 

Some Ohio farms have been in the same family for generations. But people new to the rural lifestyle sometimes find themselves doing things they never imaged. Like raising a herd of buffalo.

Creek Bend Bucking Bulls 

They have names like Freightliner and Bell Dinger. And if you want to ride one you’d better know what you’re doing. Nobody knows more about these animals than the people at Creek Bend Bucking Bulls.


Episode #703

ThinkTV14 – Sunday, April 29, 1pm
ThinkTV16 - Saturday, April 28, 5pm

Ohio Destinations

Travel with us as we visit the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, The Wilds in Columbus and travel down the Ohio River on a Riverboat.

National Museum of the United States Air Force 

Dayton, Ohio is home to the world’s largest military aviation museum. Showcasing over three hundred aircraft, the National Museum of the United States Air Force draws aviation enthusiasts from around the world.


Before air travel, before interstate highways, even before the railroads, America’s rivers provided our most efficient and most scenic means of transportation. Today, people are rediscovering the joys of rolling on the river.

The Wilds 

Located near Zanesville, Ohio, is North America’s largest wildlife conservation center for endangered species. Situated on over nine thousand acres, The Wilds is not what you’d expect to find in central Ohio.


Episode #704

ThinkTV14 – Sunday, May 6, 1pm
ThinkTV16 - Saturday, May 5, 5pm                                 

Horsen’ Around

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man… ride with us as we visit celebrity horse trainer, Shawn Flarida; experience therapy from a small horse farm and visit the largest quarter horse exhibit in the nation, all in our own back yard.

Celebrity Horse Trainer 

Every sport has its superstars and riding is no exception. Ohio-based horse trainer Shawn Flarida always knew what he wanted to do. Today, he is at the pinnacle of his illustrious career.

Riding Therapy 

Horses seem to have a special gift. They can inspire awe and create confidence. And they can enrich the lives of people with disabilities. It’s a relationship that can be physically and emotionally therapeutic. 

All-American Quarter Horse Congress 

The American quarter horse is a breed apart. The horse is known for its speed, athletic physique, versatility and good temperament. At the All-American Quarter Horse Congress, these attributes are on full display.


Episode # 705

ThinkTV14 – Sunday, May 13, 1pm
ThinkTV16 - Saturday, May 12, 5pm

Ohio’s First Farmers

Long before the arrival of Europeans, Native Americans were working the land. Near Dayton, along the banks of the Great Miami River, SunWatch Village, was the home of some of Ohio’s first farmers.

Carrots and Campbells

Northwest Ohio is carrot country. We visit a farm in Henry County to experience the carrot harvest. Then we follow the carrots to the Campbell Soup Supply Company in nearby Napoleon.

Spring Planting

Ohio farm families are defined by two special times of the year: spring planting and fall harvest. We visit the Wuebker family farm in Darke County to see what spring planting season is all about.


Episode # 706

ThinkTV14 – Sunday, May 27, 1pm
ThinkTV16 - Saturday, May 26, 5pm

Corn CSI

What are zipper ears, beer can ears, nubbin ears, and banana ears?  These are the names Peter Thomison, OSU Extension Corn Agronomist, has given misshapen ears of corn that are brought to his lab at OSU for diagnosis of why there are that way.  His goal, to understand what causes abnormalities and troubleshooting problems that may occur in the future. From his vast collection of corn, he has created a poster featuring corn ear abnormalities to aid in farmer identification.

Grand Lake St. Marys

Local businesses that depend on visitors to the lake are hoping that this year is better than 2011. But is hope enough? After all, the lake is surrounded by the highest concentration of livestock in the state. What actions can be taken to help turn the situation around?


Episode # 707

ThinkTV14 – Sunday, May 20, 1pm
ThinkTV16 - Saturday, May 19, 5pm

Honor Flight

More than 1,000 World War II veterans are dying each day. Many, especially those with little means, will never get the chance to visit the new World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. That was simply unacceptable to Springfield resident and retired Air Force Captain Earl Morse.

The Blue and the Grey

Civil War re-enactments provide a glimpse into the past. Re-enactments are a colorful history lesson for the audience and an avid hobby for the participants. For a closer look, Our Ohio volunteers for duty with the 1st Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Regiment.

National Underground Railroad

Southwest Ohio is the backdrop for look at Ohio heritage Heritage. First we stop in Lebanon for a visit to the historic Golden Lamb Inn and Restaurant. Then we continue south to Cincinnati to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Episode #708

Week of June 2nd - Pre-empted

Episode #600

Week of June 9th - Pre-empted

Episode #709

CET – Saturday, June 16, 3:30pm ThinkTV16 - Saturday, June 16, 5pm ThinkTV14 – Sunday, June 17, 1pm

Made in Ohio

Ohio is home to diverse locally-made products. In this episode, see how Ohio Maple Syrup is made, visit a unique Cheese manufacturer at Oakville Cheese and learn how Ohio wine is right up there with the French in “Forget France.”

Episode #710

CET – Saturday, June 23, 3:30pm ThinkTV16 – Saturday, June 23, 5pm ThinkTV14 – Sunday, June 24, 1pm

You Want to be a VET?

Our Ohio takes a look at Vet Students in the Real world and Amazing Animal Surgery at two renowned clinics in Columbus.

Episode #711

CET – Saturday, June 30, 3:30pm ThinkTV16 – Saturday, June 30, 5pm ThinkTV14 – Sunday, July 1, 1pm

The Buckeye

It’s our state nickname, it’s our state tree, it’s the Ohio State mascot, but, generally, little is known about this tree, also called aesculus glabra. This segment provides a comprehensive background on the tree and its history in Ohio.

Metro Aquaculture

Just outside of Dayton, Pastor Donovan Larkins works to reverse the troubling trends he sees in the eating habits of city-dwellers. On his unconventional farm, he raises fresh tilapia and organic vegetables and works to encourage both kids and adults to eat locally.

Episode #712

CET – Saturday, July 7, 3pm ThinkTV16, Saturday, July 7, 5pm ThinkTV14, Sunday, July 8, 1pm

Technology and Farming

Hydroponics, High Tech on the Farm and Wind Farm all teach us something about the tie between farming and technology.

Episode #713

CET – Saturday, July 14, 3pm ThinkTV16, Saturday, July 14, 5pm ThinkTV14, Sunday, July 15, 1pm

Who has Wings

No, where not talking chicken wings – this week Our Ohio looks at Honey bees, a famous Turkey Caller and the Return of the Buzzards to Hinkley.