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ThinkTV  STEM Adventures take you into some of the area’s most interesting places for STEM exploration. Check out some of these locations for even more adventure! 

STEM AdventuresSTEM Adventures

STEM Adventures is a new ThinkTV channel that takes you into some of the most interesting places for STEM exploration in southwest Ohio. Join the STEM Squad as they discover STEM adventures that lie waiting all around us! All ages.

Dayton Metro ParksDayton Metro Parks

Exploring nature is amazing! Take part in outdoor experiences that inspire a personal connection with nature. Learn how you can join citizen science projects to collect data on birds or  lightning bugs, or map light pollution at night through cellphone technology. K-12 

Boonshoft Museum of DiscoveryBoonshoft Museum of Discovery

There is so much to see and learn about the world around us. Discover exhibits that focus on Astronomy, Anthropology Archaeology, Biology, Geology, Zoology and more! K-8

Armstrong Air & Space MuseumArmstrong Air & Space Museum

Blast off and share the stories of astronaut Neil Armstrong and other Ohioans who have attempted to defy gravity. Designed to resemble a futuristic moon base, this museum features one-of-a-kind artifacts, two full-size aircraft, seven interactive exhibits, ten audio/visual elements, and three simulators.

You can also practice landing the lunar module and space shuttle, docking the Gemini capsule, and more. K-12

Mound Museum AssociationMound Science and Energy Museum Association

This one is for older kids who are interested in nuclear power sources for deep space and lunar missions. Exhibits discuss the history of the Nuclear Age, Atomic Bombs, H-Bombs and Plutonium power sources for space exploration. 6-8 

America's Packard MuseumAmerica's Packard Museum

Start your engines! This adventure is way more than really cool “old cars”. At this museum you can actually learn everything from how an engine works to 3D printing parts for a car, and from 3-point perspective sketch to metalshaping.  5-8

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical ParkDayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

What do Bicycles, Airplanes, Parachutes and Poetry have in common? Find out here and see how it changed the world. Check out the Junior Ranger program as well! K-12

Dayton Art InstituteDayton Art Institute

Yes indeed ART and Natural Science! The Art Institute has an Experiencenter where you can see new art that represents nature, look for art made from natural materials, and find the patterns, lines, shapes, and colors of nature. K-12

Sunwatch Indian VillageSunwatch Indian Village

Did you know that an archaeologist is a scientist who studies man-made objects from a long, long time ago. Why?... find out as you try to reconstruct the daily lives of an ancient Native American tribe! 4-12

Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott HouseFrank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House

Learn STEM though design at the museum of a famous American architect. Check out youth programs here!  8-12

National Museum of the U.S. Air ForceNational Museum of the U.S. Air Force

This museum is all about the aviation and  has one of the world's largest collections of aircraft and missiles on display. But there is so much more, including simulator rides, a 3D space journey, 360 interactives and virtual reality experiences.

Wright B Flyer HangerWright B Flyer Hanger

Experience the thrill of pioneer flight. Visit Wright "B" Flyer’s hangar/museum and test your skill on our Model B flight simulator. You can also watch and talk to the mechanics who work on the planes.

Air CampAir Camp

Get ready for takeoff! This summer camp for grades 5-9 is a hands-on, educational adventure in aviation and aeronautics. You’ll even go behind the scenes at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and meet scientists from the Air Force Research Lab. 5-9

Science SaturdaysScience Saturdays

Join YouTube sensation Mister C and his Science Sidekicks as they explore out-of-this-world experiments at a FREE science show every month! K-6

Carillon Park/ Dayton HistoryCarillon Park/ Dayton History

Explore the history of Dayton innovation and invention, climb aboard old steam engines, see how a printing press works, visit the Wright Brothers Aviation Center, meet robots that look human and so much more! K-12

Proto Build BarProto Build Bar

For older kids, check out this amazing creative and technology experience center! It’s part 3D printing lab, part electronic maker space, and part café. Proto is a fun, hands-on place, where you can make something great! K-12 

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