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Science With Mike

Science with Mike is a channel created for STEM World about science and chemistry related topics. The digital series features hilarious Professor Michael Canestaro, chemistry & geology demos, explanations and lots of laughs.

  • Science with Mike OverviewScience with Mike Overview
  • The Magic of Dry IceThe Magic of Dry Ice
  • Acid and Bases pH Experiment (w/ Red Cabbage Indicator)Acid and Bases pH Experiment (w/ Red Cabbage Indicator)
  • Atmospheric Pressure vs Aluminum Cans Atmospheric Pressure vs Aluminum Cans
  • Bad AcidsBad Acids
  • The Science Behind Underwater FireworksThe Science Behind Underwater Fireworks
  • Hydrogen/Oxygen Coffee Can Explosion!Hydrogen/Oxygen Coffee Can Explosion!
  • Exothermic Reactions ExplainedExothermic Reactions Explained
  • Nitrogen Triiodide Chemistry Explained (w/ Demonstration Explosions)Nitrogen Triiodide Chemistry Explained
  • The Science Behind Underwater FireworksWhoosh Bottle Rocket Demonstration
  • Density of Gases: Propane ExperimentDensity of Gases: Propane Experiment
  • Potassium in Water Explosion - The Octet RulePotassium in Water Explosion - The Octet Rule
  • Catalysts in Chemisty ExplainedCatalysts in Chemisty Explained
  • The Effects of Liquid NitrogenThe Effects of Liquid Nitrogen
  • How to Make Rocket CandyHow to Make Rocket Candy
  • What You Didn't Know About WaterWhat You Didn't Know About Water
  • Potassium Chlorate vs CandyPotassium Chlorate vs Candy
  • The Science Behind Ammonium Dichromate VolcanosThe Science Behind Ammonium Dichromate Volcanos
  • Burning Substances in Pure OxygenBurning Substances in Pure Oxygen
  • Boyle's Law ExplainedBoyle's Law Explained
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