Premier Circle Membership read Premier Circle Benefits

Premier Circle Membership Benefits

Partnership.  Commitment.  What do these simple words mean to you?  To us, they say it all!

Partnership expresses what we strive to establish everyday and Commitment is what it takes to form those partnerships, forge ahead and become more valuable to those around us.

With that in mind, ThinkTV invites you to become a Premier Circle Member, a partner in the most widely used non-profit community service in the Miami Valley.  Your individual Premier Circle benefits are outlined on this page.  However, there is a much more compelling reason for you to invest in your public television stations…you would be making a significant investment in your community.

Together, we regularly provide viewers the opportunity to travel the region and the world and to experience exceptional drama, thrilling theatrical performances and watershed moments in classical, pop and romantic music.

Together, we provide children with more than 80 hours of educational, non-violent programming each week.

Together, we provide educators and students the opportunity to step outside the classroom.

Together, we can move firmly into the 21st Century with choices and technology unsurpassed in previous history and build an interactive television experience that will alter forever how we view ourselves.

Join us and invest in your community today!  Premier Circle Membership begins at the $1,000 level of annual support.

Premier Circle Benefits

  • Name recognition on Website,, if desired.
  • Opportunity for a private guided tour of the station.
  • Invitation to special events and screenings.
  • Special recognition in selected ThinkTV materials.

For more information about ThinkTV’s Premier Circle contact Kay High at 937-220-1647.