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Public Media Connect, CET in Cincinnati and ThinkTV in Dayton, is looking for a few good members to feature on-air and online. We hope to find a diverse group of engaging people to highlight what our stations and programs mean to them, their community and our region.  Whether they’re a household of one, two or a family of seven, we’d love to feature them.

If you have a story about what PBS programs have meant to you or would like to share why you support your local public television stations, we want to hear from you! If you’re interested in being featured, please submit your story or testimonial to MemberFeatures@CETconnect.or or  We would love a one-minute video from you, but you are also welcome to submit your story in written form or through an audio clip. We’d also encourage you to send photos. The deadline to submit is Friday, August 4, and our team will be screening submissions to select which members will be featured. You can follow the progress on our social media pages @CETconnect or @ThinkTV with the hashtag #ILoveCET or #ILoveThinkTV.

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A Note Worth Sharing - - -

Dear sir or madam,

We felt compelled to write about an extraordinary woman whose life support in her last years of life was your wonderful Arts station.
Norma Sweet was 94 when she passed last week. Independent to her end, she continued to live her own life in her own way and struggled with the loneliness that was her constant companion once she lost her son three years ago. 

It was then that she discovered your station on PBS. She found a lifeline that lifted her and gave her true enjoyment while her interest in your programming blossomed. 

Norma's eyes were getting bad and she was no longer able to read like she wanted to, so you filled a very deep void and gave her the entertainment she craved. 

She was constantly delighted and appreciative, as were myself and my husband as we visited her each week and heard of the different artists she had seen on your programs. It was such a bright spot in her otherwise dull life.

She thanks you and we thank you.

We will be contributors forever.

Robin and Joani Lacy