Corporate Support

Support your public television stations - it's good business. 

Developing Partnerships

 By developing partnerships with our region’s business community, ThinkTV continues to deliver quality - quality that is immediately transferred to our business partners.

Underwriting Makes It Possible

Dayton SkylineUnderwriting is public broadcasting's alternative to advertising. It supplements viewer funding which makes possible the production and airing of quality programming on ThinkTV. Underwriting creates a strategic partnership between business and community. It is an effective communications tool that delivers a powerful message to a very loyal and diverse audience.

By Organizations Just Like Yours

  Underwriters are leading businesses and foundations that choose to enhance their image by an association with quality programming. Companies who support public broadcasting identify themselves with a well-recognized and highly respected brand. Underwriters achieve marketing, public relations and philanthropic benefits when they utilize public broadcasting in their media mix.

 •Quality Programming, With Options That Fit Your Marketing Needs

 •Program specific - Ties your credit to a selected program

 •Genre specific - Allows you to have your credits aired around a particular program type

 •Rotators - Provides wide coverage across selected times or days

 ThinkTV relies on the support of individuals and corporations throughout the Miami Valley to keep award-winning PBS programming on air and commercial free. Please support our underwriters for keeping your favorite programs on in your community.

 If you are interested in underwriting and the value-added benefits that are an integral part of our partnerships, please contact Gregory Schell at 937-220-1648 for the

Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio markets.

 Click on this video for an overview of Corporate Support  opportunities:



Public Support is provided by Montgomery County