The Art Show

October 20 at 5:30pm on ThinkTV16

Season 9, Episode 4

Yvette Walker

Retired Dayton pastor Yvette Walker Dalton returns to her artistic roots.

William Souder

Travel to Minnesota to learn storytelling secrets from renowned biographer William Souder.

Jarrett Mellenbruch

Kansas City artist Jarrett Mellenbruch creates a haven for wild honeybees.

Jared Konopitski

Get acquainted with the ‘sugar rush art’ of Sacramento painter Jared Konopitski.

October 27 at 5:30pm on ThinkTV16

Season 10, Episode 16

Tiger Lily Press

Tiger Lily Press celebrates 40 years of fine art printmaking in West Price Hill.

Marjorie Book Continuing Education in Cincinnati

Meet a theatre group for people of all abilities at Marjorie Book Continuing Education in Cincinnati.

Moira Bateman

WYSO public radio in Yellow Springs trains a new generation of storytellers with Dayton Youth Radio .

About The Art Show

Southwest Ohio is home to strong, vibrant, and thriving arts and cultural communities. The Art Show takes a look at the artists and the art scene in and around Cincinnati and Dayton. The weekly award-winning series features profiles from the worlds of art, music, dance, and theater in our corner of Ohio, along with cultural highlights from across the nation.

The Art Show is broadcast Sunday afternoons at 5:30pm on ThinkTV16 and ThinkTV16HD.

Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District

The Art Show has been made possible thanks to the Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District.

About Rodney Veal

Rodney Veal, host of The Art Show

Rodney Veal, an independent choreographer and interdisciplinary artist, serving as adjunct faculty for Stivers School of the Performing Arts and Sinclair Community College. He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a B.S in Political Science and Visual Arts and The Ohio State University with an MFA in Choreography. Rodney currently serves as President of the board of trustees of Ohio Dance and on the boards of Friends of Levitt Pavilions Dayton, WYSO and Homefull. He is the recipient of several MCACD grants and fellowships. Several of his works have been performed as part of the Ohio Dance Festival. He was one of five artists chosen nationwide to participate in the Blue Sky Dayton Project Artist in Residency Program held in collaboration with the University of Dayton.